Collection:construction and Destruction by Vyri Junhan Yang

Vyri Junhan Yang Shares The Construction and Destruction Collection

Vyri Junhan Yang, the lead designer of the highlighted work Collection:Construction and Destruction by Vyri Junhan Yang points out, The mini collection tells a story about the deconstruction and reorganization. Inspired by the city ruins, the entire <Cropped>

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Coffee Filter by Ridzert Ingenegeren

Ridzert Ingenegeren Presents The Fltrgo Coffee Filter

Ridzert Ingenegeren, the maker of the awarded design Coffee Filter by Ridzert Ingenegeren points out, A reusable and collapsible coffee filter for making drip brewed coffee on the go. It is compact, lightweight and uses renewable materials: a bamboo <Cropped>

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Ciao by Basak Oguzalp

Basak Oguzalp Creates The Ciao Smart Fitness Assistant

Basak Oguzalp, the designer of the awarded work Ciao by Basak Oguzalp says, Ciao is a interactive fitness kit for individuals who wants to keep their body healthy and be fit, by working out at home instead of going to the gym. Ciao consists of a main <Cropped>

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Restaurant :onyasai Festival Walk by Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang

Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang Demonstrates The Onyasai Festival Walk Restaurant

Vincent Chi-wai Chiang, the creative mind behind the awarded project Onyasai Festival Walk by Vincent Chi-wai Chiang says, The design styles of exchanging past and future brings customer to an exciting experience. Design concept “Found in time” i <Cropped>

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Award Winning Wulumuqi Lu Private Restaurant Private Restaurant

Iwao Furusho Demonstrates The Wulumuqi Lu Private Restaurant Private Restaurant

IWAO FURUSHO, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Wulumuqi lu Private Restaurant - Private Restaurant by IWAO FURUSHO demonstrates, It’s an old building renovation project made to be a high-class restaurant in Shanghai, China, with only 4 roo <Cropped>

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Kingbright Office by Ptang Studio Limited

Ptang Studio Limited Discloses The Kingbright Office Office

PTang Studio Limited, the author of the award winning work OFFICE:Kingbright Office by PTang Studio Limited spells out, The LED components business is given to Designer an new idea of design for the staffs and the owner. As a typical working environm <Cropped>

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Zhenzhen Laolao by Junhai Lin

Junhai Lin Shows The Zhenzhen Laolao Corporate Identity

Junhai Lin, the creative mind behind the awarded design Corporate Identity by Junhai Lin demonstrates, Through in-depth investigation and research on zhenzhen laolao, we have found zhenzhen laolao's unique brand cultural characteristics and bran <Cropped>

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Fluxus by Qingru Joy Wu

Qingru Joy Wu Shows The Fluxus Poster Design For Moma Fluxus

Qingru Joy Wu, the designer of the highlighted project Fluxus Poster Design For MoMa by Qingru Joy Wu says, The goal of most Fluxus artists was to destroy any possible boundary between fine arts and real life, they consider anything as art. I walk aw <Cropped>

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Wooden Game by Ufuk Bircan Özkan

Ufuk Bircan Özkan Shares The Blindbox Wooden Game

Ufuk Bircan Özkan, the architect of the awarded design BlindBox - Wooden Game by Ufuk Bircan Özkan demonstrates, BlindBox is a wooden game which combines puzzles with memory games, and strengthens the feelings like hearing and touching. It is a tur <Cropped>

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Interior Design:bathing At Dawn by Frankie Yu

Frankie Yu Designs The Bathing At Dawn Interior Design

Frankie Yu, the architect of the award winning design Interior Design by Frankie Yu spells out, Being Green is an unaffordable luxury among densely populated residential buildings in the concrete jungle. Therefore, one of the highlights of this desig <Cropped>

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