Statistical Analysis of User Preferences Through Design Competitions

This Article Covers Four Ways to Utilize Design Competitions to Benefit From The Diversity of Participants, However Especially Focuses On Statistical Analysis

How design competitions could be used to gather statistical data regarding the preferences of end-users within a specific country, territory or geographical region? Designers, when they partake in a design competition, reflect in action; they reflect <Cropped>

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Private House by Arthur Ho

Arthur Ho Shows The Forest and Greenery Private House

Arthur Ho, the creative mind behind the displayed project Arthur Ho's Forest and Greenery Private House points out, A 6-meter wall decorated with assorted plants is arranged by the side of the new entrance. The spiral staircase and the plant wal <Cropped>

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The Fourth Long Quan%u201clong Yun Cup%u201dinternational Bamboo and Wood Products Innovation Competition

Using Raw Bamboo, Thin Bamboo, Bamboo Glued Wood, Bamboo Fiber and All Kinds of Wood, or Bamboo/Wood as The Main Combination of Other Materials For Product Innovation Design.the Type of Products Including Household Life, Office and Leisure, Health and E

Using raw bamboo, thin bamboo, bamboo glued wood, bamboo fiber and all kinds of wood, or bamboo / wood as the main combination of other materials for product innovation design.the type of products including household life, office and leisure, health <Cropped>

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The Keystone Collection-stool/High Stool by Endure Designs

Endure Designs Presents The The Keystone Collection Stool/High Stool

Endure Designs, the maker of the highlighted project Stool/High Stool:The Keystone Collection by Endure Designs explains, In the Cafe, Bar or home kitchen of today; high quality, beautiful, and durable furniture is secondary only to the quality of, t <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Black House Retail Store

A.a.a. Interior Design Spotlights The The Black House Retail Store

A.A.A. Interior Design, the maker of the highlighted design The Black House - Retail Store by A.A.A. Interior Design points out, According to dualism theory, one can only be created before being seen; darkness and light, rough and delicate and etc. T <Cropped>

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Trade Show Exhibit:zimmer Aaos '16 by Ian Pfeil & Dan Rutkowski

Ian Pfeil & Dan Rutkowski Illustrates The Zimmer Aaos '16 Trade Show Exhibit

Ian Pfeil & Dan Rutkowski, the creator of the displayed design Award Winning Zimmer AAOS '16 Trade Show Exhibit points out, Our design incorporates both custom and rental elements to create an efficient, custom space. We utilize our propriet <Cropped>

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Dmitry Samygin's 4 Floors Open Shelving Unit

Dmitry Samygin Shows The 4 Floors Open Shelving Unit

Dmitry Samygin, the maker of the displayed project Open shelving unit by Dmitry Samygin spells out, The elegantly designed open shelving unit in beautiful dark oak finish is ideal for displaying decorative objects. Four square tables, placed on top <Cropped>

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Award Winning Petalis Lounge Urban Lounge

Helen Brasinika Demonstrates The Petalis Lounge Urban Lounge

Helen Brasinika, the lead designer of the displayed project Urban Lounge:Petalis Lounge by Helen Brasinika says, Petalis Integris is an urban lounge inspired by flower petals and manufactured with concrete. The design aspires to take advantage of the <Cropped>

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Residential by Catherine Cheung

Catherine Cheung Presents The Baan Citta Residential

Catherine Cheung, the designer of the award winning design residential by Catherine Cheung illustrates, The key design concept was to create a Shambhala on Earth – a mythical kingdom described as the “Pure land” in ancient Buddhist texts. Buddh <Cropped>

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User Interface Competition

New Ux Design Contest On Pharmathek and Desall Invite You to Rethink The Graphic Interface and The User Experience of The Application Dedicated to Their Warehouse Systems.user Interface Competition New Ux Design Contest On Pharmat

New ux design contest on pharmathek and desall invite you to rethink the graphic interface and the user experience of the application dedicated to their warehouse systems.User interface competition new ux design contest on ph <Cropped>

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