Typeface by Chenglong Tao

Chenglong Tao Presents The 1000ton Typeface

Chenglong Tao, the author of the highlighted design Typeface:1000TON by Chenglong Tao illustrates, From the point of view of the author's display of words, under the thick appearance, using white thin lines to distinguish the font strokes, this <Cropped>

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Brave Jet-syringe by Ilmo Ahn, Juyeon Baek Seonwoopyo

Ilmo Ahn, Juyeon Baek Seonwoopyo Designs The Brave Jet Syringe

Ilmo Ahn,Juyeon Baek SeonwooPyo, the thinktank behind the awarded work Brave Jet - syringe by Ilmo Ahn,Juyeon Baek SeonwooPyo spells out, Medical injection is essential to safeguard children's health and keep them protected against illnesses. Mo <Cropped>

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Personal Care by Reco

Reco Spotlights The Plustwo Personal Care

Reco, the lead designer of the highlighted design Personal Care by Reco illustrates, Magic is the brand tonality that Plustwo has always insisted on. At the same time, in order to make Plustwo's product innovation more outstanding, the Reco team <Cropped>

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It's Teething Time!

Chicco Invites All Creatives to Dive Into The World of Babies to Design a New Collection of Teethers For Newborns Aged From 0 to 6 Months.it's Teething Time!-Call For Entries by Chicco Chicco Invites All Creatives to Dive Into The World of Babies

Chicco invites all creatives to dive into the world of babies to design a new collection of teethers for newborns aged from 0 to 6 months.It's teething time! - call for entries by chicco chicco invites all creatives to dive into the world of ba <Cropped>

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Public Amenities by Shih-Kai Chen

Shih-Kai Chen Shows The Living Scenes of Jiangnan Public Amenities

Shih-Kai Chen, the creative mind behind the award winning design Living Scenes of Jiangnan by Shih-Kai Chen spells out, The design of outdoor landscape, inspired from that of Suzhou garden, consistently parallels with the building exterior and indoor <Cropped>

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Infographic by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Mad Drinkers Infographic

The architect of the award winning design Infographic by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The infographics, through a simple yet innovative web-based approach, enlightens the relationships between alcohol consumption, locations, time and trends in the <Cropped>

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Tatjana Medvedev's Reading. Goethes Faust. Modular Book

Tatjana Medvedev Demonstrates The Reading. Goethes Faust. Modular Book

Tatjana Medvedev, the lead designer of the award winning project Tatjana Medvedev's Reading. Goethes Faust. Modular Book demonstrates, This modular book is a typographical redesign of Goethes Faust amid the change of reading behavior in the digi <Cropped>

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Tze-Chun Wei's Courtyard House Residential

Tze-Chun Wei Illustrates The Courtyard House Residential

Tze-Chun Wei, the lead designer of the highlighted work Residential by Tze-Chun Wei spells out, This is a project for a 3-generation family in Changhua, Taiwan. The site is located on the roof of an existing one-story factory building. The concept id <Cropped>

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Environment Customization by Instabilelab

Instabilelab Shows The Custom Me Environment Customization

Instabilelab, the author of the displayed work Environment Customization by Instabilelab points out, "Custom me" is a customizable project for any environment and product which has a graphic continuity of pictures that match each other, whe <Cropped>

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Dry Wata-Towel Hanger by Walid Nasrala

Walid Nasrala Shares The Dry Wata Towel Hanger

Walid Nasrala, the creator of the awarded work Award Winning Dry Wata Towel Hanger explains, Dry Wata is a simple looking tube that looks like a water tap but is actually a towel hanger. Its proximity to the wash basin and to the actual water tap emp <Cropped>

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